Danville, KY

A city filled with hundreds of years of rich history.

About Us

Danville through the Decades is a project started by Danville-native Kenton Carrier. Kenton and his peers from the Boyle County High School STLP Chapter wanted to showcase Danville's extensive history in a modern and innovative way.

They created Danville through the Decades, a website designed to showcase Danville's ever-changing history across the years.

Through this website, taking educational tours through Danville, KY is easy and interactive. With information that changes based on a selected period of time, Danville's historical locations and buildings travel through time from their current glory to humble beginnings.

This is currently a work-in-progress. Check back soon for more updates!

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Take our tour of Danville's historic sites, or pick the sites that interest you and make your own tour!

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